Purchasing a house is undoubtedly the biggest investment of our life. But we often tend to overlook the quality of construction mainly due to lack of expertise. Choose a professional to do the work for you, we have the relevant industry knowledge to do snagging of your house and suggest the most suitable rectification methods.



    While buying or leasing a commercial property, there are various small things that get missed out. Since commercial property is a huge and long term investment, you need to be absolutely certain that you get the worth of every penny you spend. We have the expertise and experience in inspecting commercial properties to find and highlight such nuances.



    A good interior adds life to our dream home and reflects our taste. We see and live with it day in day out. The proper functionality of the fittings and fixtures make our life hassle free. That is why we end up spending huge chunk of money to decorate our house. We are here to ensure the best quality for your money spent.

People who can benefit from our services are as below:

Buyer of New Property:
If you have already booked an apartment then we can inspect your property and our report would help you to be aware the snags or variations in your apartment so that you can ask the developer to rectify the same.

If you are planning to buy a ready to move in property, our report would allow you understand the quality of the property and guide you to take logical decision. It would also help you with better negotiation power in terms of quality and cost.

Buyer of Resale Property:
Our report would help you evaluate the condition of the resale property and facilitate your decision making. It would also put you into a better negotiating position.

Seller of New or Resale Property:
Seller of a property can also benefit from our services as our report would highlight the problematic areas of their property which in term would help to set the right expectation. Also the defects can be rectified before listing the property which would obviously fetch better price from the market.

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