Let’s face it, all of us want to own the home of our dreams one day.  It’s all carefully planned out in our heads, every nook and cranny. So there may be a chink in the chain when the home of your dreams is laden with errors and workmanship mistakes. That is why we are here to ensure the best quality for your money spent and that you get what you paid for.


Inspections of residential properties include the followings:

1. Verification of Carpet Area: The internal dimensions of the property are verified physically at site. Available carpet area at site is compared against the layout agreed in the contract with the developer. Any deviation in the carpet area is highlighted in the report.

2. Verification of Specifications: Specification of materials agreed in the contract with the developer is verified at site and deviations are captured in the report.

3. Inspection of Construction Snags: The property in inspected in detail for any snags/ defects and workmanship related to civil & finishes works, services works like plumbing, electrical, firefighting etc. and common amenities like lift lobby, car park etc. Detailed description and pictures of snags are presented in the report along with the most suitable rectification methods. In case of villas, external development works can also be inspected.

4. Inspection of Interior Fit out: Interior fit out works is inspected for snags and workmanship. Detailed description and pictures of snags are presented in the report along with the most suitable rectification methods.

People who can benefit from our services are as below:

1. Buyer of New Property: if you have already booked an apartment then we can inspect your property and our report would help you to be aware the snags or variations in your apartment so that you can ask the developer to rectify the same.

If you are planning to buy a ready to move in property, our report would allow you understand the quality of the property and guide you to take logical decision. It would also help you with better negotiation power in terms of quality and cost.

2. Buyer of Resale Property: Our report would help you evaluate the condition of the resale property and facilitate your decision making. It would also put you into a better negotiating position.

3. Seller of New or Resale Property: Seller of a property can also benefit from our services as our report would highlight the problematic areas of their property which in term would help to set the right expectation. Also the defects can be rectified before listing the property which would obviously fetch better price from the market.

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